Sebastian Fine
Art & Music Festival

Where Art and the River Meet!

January 19th & 20th, 2019

We are a not-for-profit 501c3 organization whose purpose is to promote interest in and appreciation of the arts and to promote cultural enhancement and awareness through public exhibition and performance within the City of Sebastian and it's environs. We encourage the creative arts in children through scholorships and grants within the school system and have a mission to create art in public places.

In Memoriam
Lisanne Robinson

On behalf of the Sebastian River Fine Arts and Music Festival, we are deeply saddened and sorry to inform you of the passing of our founder and director. Lisanne lost her life battling thyroid cancer on June 21, 2018. She will be missed by all. We will continue with her vision and passion in mind to make our art show what is today. - Thank you all for you support - We couldn't do this without you!

This year's t-shirt design is in honor of our founder Lisanne Robinson

The Sebastian Riverfront Fine Art & Music Festival is a gathering of the country's best artists and musicians.
We encourage everyone to learn more about the artists and their work.

2018 Featured Artists

Robert Johnson  Artist Website
Lynn Johnson  Artist Website
Victoria Geller  Artist Website
Mark Feldner  Artist Website
George Denenberg
Al Allison  Artist Website
Philippe Laine
Dawn Carver
Tommy Bartocci
Yvonne Steere Artist Website
Tracy Fenwick
David Leach
Sally Douglas
Angela Bond  Artist Website
Candy McFall

Barbara Umbel  Artist Website
Carole Kyle  Artist Website
BJ Royster  Artist Website
Dean DiMarzo  Artist Website
Greg Riccardiello  Artist Website
Brian Horan  Artist Website
Michael Weber  Artist Website
Cesar Noguiera  Artist Website
R.C. Fulwiler  Artist Website
Pamela Wernath
Sandy Lehman
John Kellum  Artist Website
Robert Clibbon  Artist Website
Dan Goad  Artist Website
Bill & Patty Colby William Cantwell  Artist Website
Charles Hazelaar
Mark Van De Bogart
Bill Dickson
John Harlung  Artist Website
Harry Phillips

Sharon Davis  Artist Website
Jenna Hirt  Artist Website
Stephen Ayers  Artist Website
Scott Bowman  Artist Website
Katie & Kyle Pace
Craig Dietrich  Artist Website
Joan Milbrandt
Coralis Lopez  Artist Website
Susan Gancher  Artist Website
Jim Wilshire  Artist Website
Ron Lemoine  Artist Website
Jack Hill  Artist Website
Danny O'Driscoll  Artist Website
Serge Bojan
Lin Seslar  Artist Website
Bill Dirienzo  Artist Website
Tess Dirienzo  Artist Website
Parry Dolle  Artist Website
Bobby Matus

Anne Schroeder  Artist Website
Sandy Cline  Artist Website
Ann Suzuki  Artist Website
Karen Taber  Artist Website
Julie Murphy  Artist Website
Ray McLendon  Artist Website
Jack Macey  Artist Website
Carol Clay
Lulu Korkechian  Artist Website
Flo Kemp  Artist Website
Lori Hlavsa  Artist Website
Deborah Allison  Artist Website
Jana Epstein  Artist Website
Karen Kemp  Artist Website
Judy Mercer - Watercolor  Artist Website
Marye Rahmig
Marye Svedberg - Jewelry  Artist Website

2019 Music Lineup



Anja and the Dreamers
Band Website


Jason Ricci
Band Website



Zion Quest


Wiley Nash
Band Website

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The Sebastian Riverfront Fine Art & Music Festival is held in Sebastian's beautiful Riverview Park. Located next to the Indian River on the East coast of sunny Florida, Sebastian is just 10 miles north of historic Vero Beach, and is situated midway between Melbourne and Fort Pierce.

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